Our mission

Perfection is proud to be one of the few remaining clothing manufacturers in Canada. By putting our expertise to work for our customers, offering a personalized approach and a unique customer experience from design to delivery, Perfection truly stands out in a market dominated by imports.

This approach allows us to showcase 100% Canadian-made clothing, a source of pride for our employees, their families and the communities of Courcelles and Lac Mégantic.

Perfection strives to offer its customers competitive prices combined with unequalled customer service, a key commitment that has allowed Perfection to remain among the Canadian leaders in the uniform and business shirt market.

Our values

Teamwork | Communication | Inspiration | Performance

Perfection relies on a group of employees who share the company’s values and objectives. Everyone understands that teamwork and communication are essential to meeting the needs of each customer, every day. The Perfection team is made up of ordinary people working together in a truly extraordinary way!

Our employees are passionate about their work. Everyone encourages each other to excel, and the best way to do that is to set an example based on respect, simplicity, transparency and empathy. We all understand these values ​​and put them into practice every day.

It’s in the DNA of every Perfection employee to keep their commitments, making every effort to reach objectives and persevere despite obstacles. And they do all of this in a fun and friendly workplace!